What Does Parents As Partners Offer?

We are an on-line, research-based educational network. We have been providing families with clinically demonstrated, understandable ASD education and systems of support over the last 25 years. Now, our goal is to offer these to you-free access, 24/7. We want to help you to become your child's best expert. Research shows that highly involved parents make a significant impact on the outcome of their child's ASD journey. No higher education or waiting lists required!

Our multi-media courses and classes begin with "user-friendly" foundational information. You will learn to recognize the many aspects of your child's unique ASD profile. As educated parents, you will:

  • understand how to become a comfortable, highly involved parent
  • realize the numerous underlying causes for your child's ASD
  • know how you can begin to help your child in every moment
  • recognize the specific professional partnerships that you may need
  • lead your child's intervention and yourself toward a brighter future

We are passionate about providing you with use-it-now courses and classes. Our "Ask Dr. Shelley" feature will provide the in-depth answers to meet your needs, based on your learning and as your child changes. Our developmental, relationship-based and multi-disciplinary approaches are based on Dr. Shelley's recognized expertise across the multitude of areas that affect children with ASD. Dr. Shelley has already changed the lives of families who stayed the course to reach optimal outcomes-now it's your turn!

Just bring your love and willingness to roll up your sleeves! Let us help you to develop the right collaborative, relationship-focused, user-friendly intervention program that meets the unique needs of your child and your family! Register now!

of Families have been provided with tools by our founder Dr. Shelley that enabled them to better support themselves and their children.

Years of Experience helping families by utilizing clinically-proven methods that have been demonstrated both personally and scientifically.

is the Cost associated with your access to education that will help you learn next steps as your child’s development grows.